Fresh Makeover Tips

Make sure you come with clean hair with no products in it.

Please do not wear any makeup when you attend your shoot.

If you have sensitive skin or are allergic to any particular makeup products please discuss this with us in advance.

Bring different articles of clothing to ensure you get the best looks. Don’t forget that jeans and a casual white shirt can be simple and effective. Accessories such as hats, belts and sunglasses are always popular – don’t forget your jewelry, boots and shoes. You may have THREE changes of clothes.

Do not apply false tan prior to the session.

Feel free to bring a tear sheet with you – this is just a collection of studio pictures you like that you’ve torn from magazines and we will try and recreate for you – and – don’t forget to spend a little time in front of the mirror to practice your expressions – small smile, big smile, wistful, dreamy, a couple of different attitude looks etc.

Avoid tight bra’s. Try and wear a strapless bra or bring one with you to stop any red strap marks on your images.

Please ensure you arrive promptly for your appointment.

If you are under 18, a parent or guardian must accompany you.

If you want to bring a friend, special offers are available for you to enjoy the Experience together. We also offer special Mother and Daughter shoots. Please call us on 01562 747612 for details.

Partners, Boyfriends, Parents and Guardians will be warmly welcomed at our studio during the shoot and viewing.

Be prepared to have a fun and fantastic time with us on your FRESH Experience!